D.I.Y. Letterpress bench with Pendleton fabric

My husband has a deep love for music and often hosts small events at our home to show off his D.J. skills. In his loft lounge, there was limited seating and my large letterpress cabinet storing all of my art took up a lot of space. I decided I still needed the storage but could care less about it being in one piece. I took the cabinet apart, took off all of the hardware, cut out custom wood pieces to slip onto the top of each piece. Then I upholstered the top with Pendleton fabric for a luxurious, oversized bench that can seat up to SIX PEOPLE! 

MATERIALS NEEDED: Letterpress, wood, foam, moving blankets, staple gun, scissors & an extra pair of hands. 

Designing modern bases for sculpture collectors

Many people love to collect art and love displaying it in their homes for friends and family to enjoy. Alot of times people do not have the proper display/base necessary to really set the piece off from just any other pretty object you can buy online. The timeless ceramic piece below needed a base and sure enough acrylic was just the thing to give it a little lift. The base gives the ceramic piece a modern flair without being too distracting to the viewer. This is one piece I would love to have in my own home as a conversation starter!


Lounge chair blues

I have been looking for a set of chairs for months now and cannot seem to find the right esthetic anywhere online. I tried Wayfair, West Elm, CB2, Ikea, Restoration Hardware and more and nothing seemed to be right. Low and behold, Design Within Reach. The showroom in Portland, Oregon just opened a few months ago and they have sure been busy creating a bright studio for local designers to enjoy. I think I am closer to finding my perfect chair. Now I may grab two!  Check out a few of my favorites from my visit below.  


On the hunt for the perfect Moroccan rug

Today I decided to head out to some fun local shops to find inspiration and the perfect Moroccan rug for one of our JSS clients. Jenna and I visited Rouche Bobois, who not only carries a great selection of rugs but also lighting and modern furniture. Next on the list was Kat + Maouche who had exactly what we were looking for, an array of colored and textured Moroccan rugs to hand pick from in their shop. They source unique vintage Berber rugs directly from the mountains and souks of Morocco. They find unique pieces using locals knowledge to guide them. Not only are they unique in product but also their appreciation for the art itself. I am very excited to visit the shop again soon! 


Brand Identity for Hen House, Pinot Noir

The Hen House brand idea was created on a winery located in Willamette Valley, Oregon. Acres of tucked away property, in between three rolling hills of grape vines, lies a beautiful home to the quickly growing Beatty family. After purchasing the land, they built the home, raised a beautiful family and created an oasis to wine connoisseurs. As active members of the wine community they spent years of research to create the intoxicating flavors of the Pinot Noir wine that pairs great with food.   

Although this small batch wine is a personal batch of 1,000 for friends and family, something bigger is happening in 2017. The full brand launch of Fernbrook Vinyards, with a separate Brand Identity, will be launched in 2017 in addition to a tasting room open to the public! 

The modern design of the label was intended to draw in a wide variety audience. The clean lines made up of the whimsical drawing of the chicken move your eye around the bottle and the label to create an easy read for the shopper. The color was chosen to represent the color of the wine and the colors of the autumn season, the Beatty's favorite time of year. 

Digital mock up to show view from the front and matte black foil to wrap the cork inside. 

Designed to wrap around the bottle to give the bottle a luxury feel.


This was a fun one. I'm a huge Simpsons fan and I love the episode where Marge serves Mr. Burns a three eyed fish for dinner. I got to watch it while on a flight recently and decided I'd cook up some fish. The yellow I had on the shelf was not what I was looking for, so I mixed and matched until I got it. I'm pleased with the color and how it shows up on paper. 

As always there were some hang ups. I flooded a few of my practice pulls and it carried over into the first two sheets, but I was able to walk my process back and correct the issues early. My registration was off on a few of them as well, but I kind of like that look anyway. 

I decided to put them up in schools, so keep your eyes peeled!


Mini-Ham's and R <3 FF

I had a little bit of the Frank flesh tone left over so I ran a few sheets of these. Super fun project, but I had some registration issues. I have a few duds that make him look like Sloth from the Goonies.  

Most people don't know this about Ralph, but he won't shut the hell up about the Foo Fighters.