We print on anything flat! A few of our favorite things to slap ink on are t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, tote bags, flags, aprons and stickers. When ordering we will need to know a few things. How many? What sizes? How many colors? Do you have a logo? Estimates are always free! 


prints on paper

Printing on paper is an art that requires attention to detail. Please send us your logo and we can determine if the image is a bold enough image to print. I will need to know a couple things before sending you a an estimate based off of materials and time! How many? How many colors? what weight of paper? Do you have a logo? if so, please send your files over, we cant wait to see it!





I can upholster custom pillows any size! We love doing bench cushions and can make a bench out of most pieces of furniture by converting the top into a cushion. 


creative project management

Your time is valuable, delegate your creative jobs to me and I can deliver valuable content on tight deadlines. I know the the industry and all the right people to help us create quality printmaking, graphic and furniture design together. I can manage timelines, handle small details and changes throughout the process and can translate a vision. Lets hear what type of project you have and see if I can help you!

art conservation & restoration

Are you an art collector and often buy from estate sales, auction or travel? Damage and debris can occur to the surface of prints and paintings if they have not been taken care of or stored properly. Does your art need a deep cleaning to let the original details show? Send me pictures of your piece. I can repair minor water damage, stains and can construct new framing also apply new hardware.